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Leonie Spitzer

Abitare. are. are. are.


I found all these materials at my home in Vienna. 

The drawings my mother kept for me from childhood in a big box. 

The photographs I took during trips to Venice, Genova, Canosa di Puglia and the Californian desert. Places I stayed or lived for a while.


Instead of doing something “new” for this project I went to my archives, to find the places I stayed, who one has become creatively, where one lives inside of yourself. 

I thought that this method would make sense, in a moment in which life actually doesn’t move much physically but rather to try and stay and observe what comes out of it.

This is what I assembled. Living moments, being people, finding places and many homes.

Leonie Spitzer

[Interior Designer • Artist]


[Living - 2020]