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Ana Mrovlje

In the alienation from the means of production we live in the belief that what we make and what we are becomes an object or a thing rather than what it really is, something made by man in relation to others. What about the body, is it man made?

The noise I am referring to is linked to human relationship with the body that is essentially ours, yet it becomes objectified and displaced by others, by ourselves.  

The finest object in the object system is the body and all bodily. Through capitalistic lenses, the body is the private property of its owner. Therefore it can be seen as a form of capital. As Baudrillard puts it, the body can be understood as a cultural fact and not a natural, biologic one. The body can also be seen as a private fetish, an objectified self-investment of particular powers into the body by their owner and others. Body parts start to possess the projections we put on them, which causes merging between subject desire’s and object’s power. Baudrillard wrote that the fetish arises precisely from this confusion, from the noise between the two. 

The image of object titled Lustprinzip narrates this relation of the subject with the bodily, made using the wig-N113. 

When the body gets hyper attention from its viewer, it becomes almost independent and possibly more important than the subject. Ascribing power to body and body parts makes them profane, it makes them a fetish. 

I am interested in how bodily is transformed into objects with a special significance that corresponds to displaced desires and projections of the body owner and others. 

Ana Mrovlje

[Interdisciplinary Artist]


Lustprinzip [2020]


[Noise - 2020]